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Two Pitchers Combine in No-Hitter as Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) Takes Victory Over Tucker


Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) defeated Tucker 12-0 on Wednesday, as two pitchers teamed up to throw a no-hitter. Nick Gine struck out #26 to get the last out of the game.

In the first inning, Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) got their offense started. Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) scored one run when Tyler Eith singled.

Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) notched four runs in the fourth inning. The offensive onslaught came from walks by Charlie Levy and Charlie Weatherly, a single by Dustin Gaultney, and a groundout by Austin Anderson.

Matt Beiger got the start for Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018). He lasted four innings, allowing zero hits and zero runs while striking out four and walking one.

Meridith led things off on the hill for Tucker. He surrendered eight runs on eight hits over one and two-thirds innings, walking one. Marquez Knight and KC Supples entered the game as relief, throwing one and two-thirds innings and two-thirds of an inning respectively.

Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) tallied 11 hits on the day. Gaultney, Eith, Hudson Troxel, and Jax Warshaw all had multiple hits for Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018). Gaultney went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) in hits. Dunwoody Wildcats JV (2018) tore up the base paths, as two players stole at least two bases. Eith led the way with three.


2/15/18  Today's 9th grade game Vs. Centennial (POSTPONED DUE TO FIELD CONDITIONS)

Allatoona Captures Lead Early to Defeat Dunwoody Wildcats Varsity


Tuesday, 2/13 update

  1. Today's Varsity game at Allatoona has been moved to tomorrow. 
  2. Today's JV game vs Johns Creek has been moved to 3/10
  3. All teams will hit in the cages after school today (2/13)

Sign Up Genius for 2018 Spring Concessions

Dunwoody Wildcats Varsity Loses Lead Early in Defeat

This Week in Wildcat Baseball



Team Snap

Every parent and player is required to have a Team Snap account for this season.  Important game and practice updates will be conveyed to parents and players via Team Snap.   Varsity has already received important updates regarding tomorrow's game.  Freshmen have received important details regarding carpool for Monday's game vs Holy Innocents'.    Check Team Snap for details please.




Pants ordered with Spirit Wear

The Spirit Wear orders will be fulfilled in stages.  The pants have arrived!  Debbie Arant will have pants for all who ordered available outside the gym on Monday afternoon.   Even if games/practice are cancelled, all players who ordered pants should find Debbie Arant outside the gym between 2:30 and 3:30 to pick up their pants.   She'll be there early since Freshmen and Varsity have games scheduled tomorrow.




Varsity Monday Game

Every Varsity Parent and Player who subscribes to Team Snap should know already that Monday's game vs Norcross may be moved to Lake Point.  We will let you know ASAP if Coach English is able to get buses.   If you do NOT have Team Snap enabled with SMS, Email or in App notifications please do so NOW because all game and practice updates for the rest of the season will be via Team Snap.




Concession Player Accounts

From now until the end of the season you will get an email from Jim or Carol McCloskey once a week with an attached spreadsheet listing your baseball player's amount in their concession account.  It will show how much they spent that week and if more money needs to be added to the account due to a negative balance.  
For the four families with multiple boys playing, we have combined the balances.  If you prefer to keep those separate, no problem, just let us know as soon as possible.
The player numbers are just noted to help the concession staff.  Please let me know if any number is wrong.  Also we will add Freshman numbers once provided.  (Note - if a player is called up to another team, the jersey number that he wears on that team may not be his regular number listed on the sheets.)
Please do these things for us:  
1.  Take a peek before we get going with the first home game this week and make sure that the balance is what you expect.  If your baseball player played baseball last spring, and had a balance in his account, that balance was carried over.  
2.  Look at your balances each week.  Sometimes mistakes are made, but we can't go back at the end of the season to fix a disputed amount.  It's up to all of us to check them each week.  
3.  If you wish to add more money to your baseball player's account, please take the money directly to the concession stand.  (Checks are acceptable - Dunwoody Diamond Club).  Please make sure you see the concession stand attendant mark the deposited amount on the concession sheet before you leave.  
4.  Please stay on top of any negative balance.  The concession accounts are designed to make it easy for the players and families to grab a bite without worrying about carrying wallets or cash to the field.  However, they are not to be used as a credit card!  
Finally, for those of you who are new to DHS Baseball, welcome!  I have provided the rules for the concession accounts below but they are also listed with the clipboard in the concession stand.
Thanks and GO WILDCATS!

Carol (and Jim) McCloskey
click here for beginning balances
DHS Baseball Concession Account Rules

  • Every game starts with a new sheet.
    • Fill in the Date.
    • If the player adds money to their account it should be recorded in the column.
    • If the player makes a purchase write the amount of the items in the field.
      • If the player pays cash, you don’t need to log anything. 
    • At the end of the night, tally the new balances. (See Calculator on clipboard) and transfer the balances to a new sheet into the “current balance column”.
    • Keep the old sheet stored inside the clipboard.
    • The sheets will be collected once a week, calculations will be double checked and electronically entered into the new spreadsheet.
    • Every Sunday players will receive an updated spreadsheet that will provide their new balance via email.
  • Only players with a positive balance may charge items to their account.  If no money is available in the account, the player must pay cash for any purchases.
  • Leave all completed forms in the clipboard for the team account volunteer to collect.
  • Please write neatly!




Urgent Concession Duty Info

There are currently 16 shifts left. We've extended the deadline to 6 PM on Monday night.   At 6 Pm we will assign slots for those who have not volunteered for their required 2 shifts.  If people can't make assigned times they may opt to pay a teen worker ( as long as it is not a griller postion).

  Click here for Sign Up Genius along with further instructions.




Ron Burnstine Lost his Jacket

RB left his North Face jacket at the field after our workday.   Someone put in the concession stand but now it is missing.  If you happened to pick up a North Face jacket please contact Ron Burnstine at 678-614-8469.



Notes on Handout from Kickoff Meeting


The costs of maintaining a first-class baseball program are substantial and continue to escalate. Many baseball program dues have been significantly higher than Dunwoody’s for several years, and ours is still one of the lowest in our region. The volunteer efforts by parents throughout the year are essential to the Diamond Club’s fundraising initiatives. Your efforts and contributions are very much appreciated, and those efforts enable the Diamond Club to keep spring player dues as low as possible. Spring player dues make up less than a quarter of the total revenue of the Diamond Club. To ease the cost of dues, each player in the baseball program can re-sale their Wildcat Cards. 


Spring Program Dues cover players pack items, pre-game meals, and the end-of-season banquet.


Player Pack:

Included with each player's dues will be the following items in the “Player Pack”.  Coach English sized all the players and will be ordering these items ASAP.  


  • New Balance Cleat
  • New Balance Short Sleeve Tee
  • New Balance Long Sleeve Tee
  • New Balance Tech Short
  • The Game Fitted Baseball Hat
  • New Balance Long Sleeve Batting Jacket (Varsity Only)


Pre-game Meals:


As part of your dues, we provide players with a meal before every weekday game. Pre-game meals are not provided for Saturday games. Parent volunteers will be asked to coordinate delivery of game day meals for the players. A typical meal consists of a sandwich, chips, fruit or cookie and drink.


End-of-Season Awards Banquet:


Dues also include the cost of the banquet for each player, awards and recognition. The estimated cost for parents and others to attend the banquet is $25 each. The date for the banquet will be announced at the end of the season. The banquet will be at DHS, it will be catered in the cafeteria, and the award ceremony will be in the auditorium.


Pre-Pay Concession:


We will continue to offer the debit system for players.  Players utilizing the debit system must pre-pay into their “Concession Stand Account”. For example, a player may start the season by pre-paying $25. The concession volunteer will debit the account each time the player makes a purchase. The account may be replenished throughout the season.  Charges are not allowed once the account reaches $0. The account will have to be replenished before more debits can be made. Seniors who have money remaining on their account at the end of the season will receive a refund. All other players with money remaining on accounts will be carried over to the next season.

Wildcat Cards:

  • We lost/took off 5 sponsors:  d’Vine, CiCi’s, Burger King, Outback & Grecian Gyro.
  •  We gained 5 new sponsors:  Goldberg Bagels, Farm Burger, Empire Pizza, Press Blend Squeeze & Face Haven
  • We have 3-5 card hand outs:  Crema, Orange Theory, Press Blend Squeeze, Face Haven and some left overs from last year.


Included in your dues is the price of 25 cards for $20 each ($500).  Once the original 25 are sold, players may purchase more cards from the Diamond Club for $10 each and sell them for $20 (not a penny more). Therefore players/parents can earn $10 per card sold above their original 25.  This is a TERRIFIC way to offset the price of dues.  The cards are very popular and well worth $20.

Tournaments for Varsity Players:


  • Early Season Tourney: three-day trip to Brunswick, GA.
  • Spring Break Week: players will have until Wednesday off, East Cobb Tournament Thursday-Saturday.

2019 (anticipated):

  • Four games of the Varsity schedule will be played in South Florida during Spring Break against highly ranked 6-A Florida teams.

Varsity players must pay an additional “trip fee” to partially offset the cost of the trips. Note the fee does NOT include meals, drinks, entertainment, or miscellaneous items. Each player will be expected to have sufficient funds with them on the trip. Details on trip arrangements will be provided in advance.




Breakdown of Payment + WC Card Money Back:





Spring Dues

 (includes 25 WC Cards)



Varsity Presidents Day Trip & Tourney 2018

(Some years Spring Break Trip ~$550.00)



Pre-pay Concessions

(voluntary but $25 is recommended)



Total Paid to DDC



Amount you can recoup via WC Cards



Total Cost if all WC Cards are sold






Dues for the Spring Season are to be paid at registration during the Dunwoody Wildcats Baseball Kick- Off Meeting. Checks should be payable to the Dunwoody Diamond Club or DDC or via Venmo to @DunwoodyDC.  Varsity Spring Break Trip fee can be paid up front but is due mid-February.


Outstanding Balances:

Any outstanding balance from a previous season will be reflected on your invoice and must be paid at the Kick- off Meeting. Example: Skipping a concession duty and an “Approved Teen Worker” was paid in your absence, etc.

Ways to Reduce Dues:

  1. You may request additional wildcat cards at a reduced purchase price of $10 and resale for $20.
  2. You may sell additional team sponsorships (banners or signage) and receive 10% of the sponsorship applied to player dues up to the total amount of dues. See Bill Gavlak for details.
  3. Many parents in the past have used their employers “giving programs” that match funds.



DeKalb County will provide each player on each team with a jersey and a few helmets for each team to share.  If your son wants his own helmet he can order via our TEAM STORE.  Baseball pants are not provided by the county and are NOT in the Player Pack.  This year all players will be responsible for providing their own pants.   You can purchase from wherever you like but they will also be available in our team store.  All three teams need white pants with navy piping (long or knickers, your choice).   Additionally, Varsity players need grey pants with navy piping (long or knickers, your choice).


Team Store:

Following is the link that will allow you to order spirit wear for the season, duplicate items from the player pack, plus a few "extra gear" items like stirrup socks, batting helmets, batting gloves, knickers (short baseball pants), regular baseball pants, etc.  (None of these items are required but a portion of every order from the online store will be donated back to our program as a fundraiser).  Team store link:



There are many opportunities to volunteer: ALL families 9th-12th grade will share Concession Duty and Field Workdays as a part of the commitment to the Dunwoody Baseball Program.  We also have the following volunteer spots open.  Please see or email Audra Anders


  • Capital Funds Campaign
  • Sponsors Spirit Night
  • "Email Fundraiser" (GoFundMe or Another Capital Campaign)
  • Pregame Meals - JV
  • Pregame Meal Freshman
  • Car Pool - Freshman
  • Photography - Varsity Team
  • Photography - 9th Team
  • Concessions - 9th
  • Community Awareness
  • Post Season Banquet (need a freshman parent)
  • Senior Night Program




Season Tickets:

Get from Jeff Gies


Team Snap: 

At the request of several parents, the Board has agreed to trial the use of Team Snap for our 2018 Season.  Once teams are finalized, each player will be added to a Team Snap Roster.  If your son plays on JV sometimes and Varsity sometimes we have a solution for that...same for players who will play on both 9th and JV etc.  


If you have not received any emails from then you need to immediately send Audra Anders an email to that address and provide your name and your players name.   Please check your spam folder for emails from this address because in addition to Team Snap we will need to email you from time to time.  Plus, we need your correct email address to set up Team Snap.


Follow us on Facebook (


Follow us on Twitter (@Dwoodbaseball)


The Dunwoody Diamond Club Board:

  • Jeff Gies, President
  • Chan English, Varsity Head Coach
  • Mike Nash, JV Head Coach
  • Bill Caiaccio, VP Varsity
  • Todd Beiger, Treasurer
  • Bill Gavlak, VP Fundraising
  • Audra Anders, Secretary
  • To Be Elected, VP JV/Freshmen



2018 Rosters

Varsity JV 9th
Boatwright, Brian Anderson, Austin Anderson, Ethan
Burnstine, Ian Anders, Walt  Bakke, Parker
Caiaccio, Jack  Arant, Charlie Bennett, Jake
Carter, Joe  Bakke, Wilson Byrd, Brad
Edwards, Shelby  Beiger, Matt Cartwright, Ben
Forth, Will  Davis, Chris Cucchi, Robbie
Gavlak, Alex Eith, Tyler Day, Matthew
Gies, Henry Gaultney, Dustin Edler, Scott
Gies, Paul  Gine, Nick Kuriger, Grey
Hardin, Jack Green, Gregory LeDoyen, Davis
Hardin, Robby Levy, Charlie Matulich, Carter
Harrison, Thomas Lips, Howie   
Hudgins, Josh McCloskey, Joseph  
Julian, David Pinkston, Trenton  
Kovitch, Dylan Sharpe, Chris   
Lavin, Will Troxel, Hudson  
Madden, Mick Vera, Jose  
Martin, Greg Warshaw, Jax  
O’Grady, Sean     
Worley, Isaiah    

Dunwoody High School Team Store

Spirit Wear/Player Packs - Deadline to order from the new TEAM STORE is midnight on 1/22.

Our TEAM STORE is OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS!  Please read this section carefully so you understand clearly what you can and should order.

  • Uniforms - DeKalb County will provide each player on each team with a jersey and a few helmets for each team to share.  If your son wants his own helmet he can order via our TEAM STORE.
  • Player Packs - Included with each player's dues will be the following items.  Coach English sized all the players and will be ordering these items as soon as tryouts are over.  DO NOT ORDER THESE ITEMS UNLESS YOUR SON WANTS EXTRA OR YOUR NON VARSITY PLAYER WANTS A BATTING JACKET.
    • New Balance Cleat
    • New Balance Short Sleeve Tee
    • New Balance Long Sleeve Tee
    • New Balance Tech Short
    • The Game Fitted Baseball Hat
    • New Balance Long Sleeve Batting Jacket (Varsity Only)
  • Pants - Baseball pants are not provided by the county and are NOT in the Player Pack.  This year all players will be responsible for providing their own pants.   You can purchase from wherever you like but they will also be available in our team store.  All three teams need white pants with navy piping (long or knickers, your choice).   Additionally, Varsity players need grey pants with navy piping (long or knickers, your choice).

Spiritwear and Extra Gear - Following is the link that will allow you to order spirit wear for the season, duplicate items from the player pack,  plus a few "extra gear" items like stirrup socks, batting helmets, batting gloves, knickers (short baseball pants), regular baseball pants, etc.  (None of these items are required but a portion of every order from the online store will be donated back to our program as a fundraiser).  Team store link:

Questions?  Send an email to

2018 Wildcat Cards - Available 1/20!

Our 2018 Wildcat Cards are better than ever and cost the same as last year.....only $20!   

Baseball tryouts begin 1/15 and the Wildcat Cards will be distributed to the baseball players during their 1/20 kick-off meeting. 

Reach out to your favorite Dunwoody Baseball player to make sure he offers you a card to purchase!

Thanks for supporting Dunwoody Baseball!

Below is a proof of the final card so you can see all of the amazing locations and discounts available:

Paul Gies commits to play baseball at East Tennessee State University

With great excitement and pride, the staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball announces that Paul Gies (Class of 2018), has committed to play college baseball at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.  The entire 6-4-3 staff congratulates Paul on his achievement and wishes him the very best on his continued journey as a standout student-athlete.


Privit Instructions (for uploading physicals)

If a player does not have a physical uploaded on they will not be able to participate in tryouts. Please see the below instructions for Privit. If you have any questions please let Coach English know via email:

 Privit Instructions

  • Click the following link:
  • Click Register then create an account
  • Follow steps for each section and electronically sign where needed
  •  Once you have created your "parent" profile click to add a new family member to add your student athlete and be sure to complete all of the sections
    • Personal Details
    • Pre-Participation History Form
    • GHSA Concussion Form
    • Joined Teams
    • Click "manage documents" then upload your student athlete's signed physical
      • Scan and upload current physical (Physicals only valid for one calendar year) Unless it was completed after April 1 2017, then it is good for the entire school year.

Tryouts for the 2018 Season

All kids interested in trying out for the 2018 Dunwoody High Baseball Teams will meet on Tuesday Jan 9 and Wednesday Jan 10 after school at 3:30 in the gym lobby for 1 hour. Please bring tennis shoes. We will check for physicals and go over tryout information as well as conditioning.

Official tryouts will begin on Monday January 15. This is a school holiday so we will have tryouts during the day. 

  • 10,11,12 Grades will report to the field at 11:00 and will end at 2:00.
  • Freshmen will report at 2:30 and end at 4:30.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (January 16-18), practice will be 3:45-6:45 Subject to change based on weather.

Please note:

  1. Players need to have a current physical uploaded onto privit or they will not be allowed to tryout.
  2. Tryouts will last from Monday until Thursday. We will make cuts each day.
  3. Players need to be in full baseball gear everyday
  4. The tryout process will be similar to a regular practice and each player will be evaluated by all coaches. We will make decisions based on ability, ability to be coached, attitude, and effort just to name a few. 

Mark your calendars for the team kickoff meeting on January 20th.  (10 AM  in the Media Center)

Any questions?  Please contact Coach English directly at

Josh Hudgins commits to play college baseball at Georgia College & State University

Josh Hudgins commits to play college baseball at Georgia College & State University

Marietta, Georgia -

With great excitement and pride, the staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball announces that Josh Hudgins (Class of 2018), has committed to play college baseball at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia.  The entire 6-4-3 staff congratulates Josh on his achievement and wishes him the very best on his continued journey as a standout student-athlete.  Josh is the most recent in a long line of talented, 6-4-3 players to join the GCSU baseball program.

Mick Madden commits to play college baseball at Lawson State Community College

Mick Madden commits to play college baseball at Lawson State Community College

With great excitement and pride, the staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball announces that Mick Madden (LHP / Class of 2018) has committed to play college baseball at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama.  The entire 6-4-3 staff congratulates Mick on his achievement and wishes him the very best on his continued journey as a standout student-athlete.

Johnathan Langley: Learning The Value In Serving Others

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat...congrats to one of our own...Johnathan Langley

Find Original Story Here

Our Stories: Johnathan Langley


Oct. 18, 2017

Johnathan Langley
Georgia Tech baseball

“Our Stories" is a feature that provides first-person stories from current Georgia Tech student-athletes on their journey through academics, competition and life once their athletic careers are over. These young men and women represent the ideals of what it means to be a STUDENT-athlete at Georgia Tech. These are their stories.

Johnathan Langley: Learning The Value In Serving Others

As a young kid growing up in Atlanta, my dream was to be a Georgia Tech baseball player. While I never found a spot on the official roster, the lessons I’ve learned from my position on the team have been invaluable.

My freshman year at Georgia Tech, I walked into head coach Danny Hall’s office and asked how I could walk on to the baseball team. There was no doubt in my mind I wanted to continue playing baseball for as long as I could. I started when I was four years old and began catching when I was eight. What really drew me to the catcher position was getting to be a quarterback of the field, directing players and telling them where they need to be positioned. I stuck with catcher throughout little league and travel ball, and when Coach Hall and assistant coach Jason Howell told me where I’d fit best on the team, it was as the team’s catcher…for the bullpen.

I’ll admit being the bullpen catcher wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I went to try out for the team. I’d never be listed on the roster and never have my chance to take an at-bat in a Georgia Tech uniform. I had to transition from batting fourth in high school to assisting pitchers through warm-ups. At the time, I thought, it wasn’t ideal. But as a senior, I’ve put the incredible opportunity I’ve been given into perspective. Being a member of the Georgia Tech baseball team has allowed me to grow on a personal level and on a spiritual level, and the impact I’ve made on this campus has stretched far beyond the confines of the bullpen.


In high school, I was recruited by some smaller schools, but earning a strong education was a primary goal for me, and thus, Georgia Tech was always at the top of my list. Since becoming a student-athlete I’ve gotten involved in organizations like the Student-Athlete Advisory Board, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and 925. Both FCA with campus director Keith Brown and 925, a bible study lead by our player development coach Steve Tamborra, have been crucial in helping me grow in my faith, live out my faith in God and act on it daily, which has helped me tremendously during my time at Georgia Tech.

I don’t know exactly where my future will lead me after I graduate from Georgia Tech, but I know that because of my experience on the baseball team, including the leadership roles I’ve taken on as a student-athlete, I’ve realized that I want to do something where I’m helping others. From playing a supporting role on the team to traveling to Costa Rica this past summer—my first time out of the country—as part of the Jackets Without Borders program, I’ve learned the immense value in serving others. I don’t need to hit the walk-off home run to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s the small moments, the advice I give to a struggling pitcher or an upcoming freshman, and the bonds I make with my teammates and other student-athletes that truly mean the most.

If I had it my way, the end of this baseball season won’t mark my last time as a part of a baseball organization. I’d like to get into coaching, something I, in some ways, have been doing for four years as I’ve worked with the pitching coach to set the Georgia Tech pitchers up for a successful outing on the mound. Perhaps I’ll continue catching as a bullpen catcher for a professional team. Either way, I’ve begun to embrace the role of serving others without needing to be in the spotlight. In turn, I’ve realized that I get just as much out of helping people as they do.

From the campus organizations I’ve been able to be a part of to the trips I’ve taken to the long-lasting relationships I’ve built, I can be nothing but grateful that I stepped into Coach Hall’s office freshman year asking for a spot on the team. Baseball has provided me with much more than a catcher’s mitt, and if I can find a way to keep doing what I love, I won’t be straying too far from the bullpen anytime soon.

Doug Allen & Sunset Ride Concert to benefit DHS Baseball!

Dekalb County Honors for 2017

Baseball All County Awards Banquet: Shota Barbeau, Jack Hardin, Ryan Hicks, Greg Martin, Zach Morochnik, Evan Romeo, Kelton Southard

Junior All Star Game: Jack Hardin & Josh Hudgins

Senior All Star Game: Zach Morochnik & Kelton Southard

Congrats Nick Pastrone!

Congrats Nick Pastrone for signing today with Lawrence University in Wisconsin to play both Baseball and Football! (Pictured with Wildcat football teammate and Emory & Henry University football signee, Brashaun Askew)

Image may contain: 17 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

These awesome 9th grade baseball Wildcats worked hard giving back to the community last night by helping The Dunwoody Nature center break down and clean up after the very successful Monarchs, Margaritas, and Mojitos fundraiser!

Last Home Game for our 2017 Senior Class

A win over Pope!

(photo credit:  Mara McJilton)

JV Wildcats are Tournament Champs

Varsity Spring Break Tournament

See the Calendar Tab and/or the Schedule Tab for Game Dates/Times.

We love our senior babies!  The class of 2017!

Wildcats honor the 2007 baseball state championship team

By Alexandra Buhl For The Crier

Dunwoody High baseball held a pre-game ceremony Friday to honor the coaches and players who won the state championship in 2007 on their 10th anniversary. As the veterans came onto the field, the current varsity team gave the champions T-shirts with their names and numbers on them. As they took pictures and the former coaches received plaques, brief descriptions were read about each player and their life, now, 10 years later. It was a touching ceremony as the journey of talented individuals who brought such pride to the community were celebrated for their victory and recognized for their post-educational achievements.

Former Coach Tom Bass commented how he was “proud of his team, to be a part of Dunwoody baseball, and of the excellent men his players have become”.

After the ceremony, the Wildcat baseball team kept the spirits high by beating the North Atlanta Warriors 8-5. The team created its greatest lead in the third inning when the Wildcats scored six runs. Although the Warriors had a slight comeback in the fourth inning by scoring four runs, it was not enough to overtake the Wildcats. Standout players on Dunwoody’s side included Greg Martin who drove in three runs and Jack Hardin with two RBIs and one run scored.  Continue Reading at The Dunwoody Crier


Dunwoody Baseball to Hold 10th Anniversary State Championship Celebration Prior to Home Game vs N Atlanta

Please join us to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Dunwoody High School Baseball – 2007 Georgia State Championship on Friday, March 10, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. (2007 alumni: please be at the field by 5-5:15 p.m.). We welcome and encourage other DHS Baseball alumni to come and join us at the field as well as current DHS players, family, friends, and the community to attend. After the ceremony, our 2017 Varsity Baseball team will face off against North Atlanta at 5:55 p.m.

If you would like to order a commemorative 10th anniversary t-shirt, please email Jan Baldwin ( to pre-order, and let her know the number of shirts and sizes (adult). You can pick up pre-ordered t-shirts prior to the ceremony between 3:30-5:00 p.m. (2007 players will receive shirts at the field). The deadline for pre-ordering is Thursday, March 2, at 5:00 p.m. Only a very limited supply will be available at the event. T-shirts are $15.

Click here for memories of 2007!

Former DHS Baseball players have 2017 College Seasons that are off to a great start!

Varsity Schedule - 2017-2018
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Fri, Feb 0905:55 PMVarsity @ North Cobb (pre-season scrimmage)North Cobb High School
Mon, Feb 1207:00 PMVarsity vs NorcrossLakepoint
Wed, Feb 1405:55 PMVarsity @ AllatoonaLakepoint
Fri, Feb 1604:00 PM(T) Varsity @ Houston CountyBrunswick High School
Sat, Feb 1710:00 AM(T) Varsity @ Glynn Academy Glynn Academy
Thu, Feb 2205:55 PMVarsity Vs. LakesideDunwoody
Sat, Feb 2411:00 AMVarsity Vs. Arabia MountainDunwoody
Sat, Feb 2404:00 PMVarsity Vs. North CobbDunwoody
Tue, Feb 2705:55 PMVarsity Vs. AllatoonaDunwoody
Wed, Feb 2805:55 PMVarsity Vs. Westminster AcademyDunwoody
Sat, Mar 0301:30 PMVarsity @ N. Forsyth Ivey Watson Field in Gainesvil
Sat, Mar 0304:00 PMVarsity @ Gainesville Ivey Watson Field in Gainesvil
Mon, Mar 0505:55 PMVarsity Vs. AlpharettaDunwoody
Wed, Mar 0705:55 PMVarsity @ N. AtlantaNorth Atlanta High School
Fri, Mar 0905:55 PMVarsity @ NorthviewNorthview High School
Wed, Mar 1405:55 PMVarsity @ CentennialCentennial High School
Fri, Mar 1605:55 PMVarsity Vs. PopeDunwoody
Mon, Mar 1905:55 PMVarsity @ ChattahoocheeChattahoochee High School
Wed, Mar 2105:55 PMVarsity Vs. CambridgeDunwoody
Fri, Mar 2305:55 PMVarsity Vs. Johns CreekDunwoody
Mon, Mar 2605:55 PMVarsity @ AlpharettaAlpharetta High School
Wed, Mar 2805:55 PMVarsity Vs. N. AtlantaDunwoody
Fri, Mar 3005:55 PMVarsity Vs. NorthviewDunwoody
Thu, Apr 0502:00 PM(T) Varsity Vs. Cherokee East Cobb Baseball Complex
Fri, Apr 0604:30 PM(T) Varsity Vs. N. Paulding East Cobb Baseball Complex
Sat, Apr 0704:30 PM(T) Varsity Vs. Sequoyah East Cobb Baseball Complex
Wed, Apr 1105:55 PMVarsity Vs. Centennial (Senior Night)Dunwoody
Fri, Apr 1305:55 PMVarsity @ PopePope High School
Mon, Apr 1605:55 PMVarsity Vs. ChattahoocheeDunwoody
Wed, Apr 1805:55 PMVarsity @ CambridgeCambridge High School
Fri, Apr 2005:55 PMVarsity @ Johns CreekJohns Creek High School
JV Schedule - 2017-2018
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 2105:55 PMJV Vs. TuckerDunwoody
Mon, Feb 2605:00 PMJV @ TuckerTucker
Thu, Mar 0105:55 PMJV Vs. ChambleeDunwoody
Sat, Mar 0312:00 PMJV @ LakesideLakeside High School
Wed, Mar 0705:55 PMJV Vs. LakesideDunwoody
Sat, Mar 1005:55 PMJV Vs. Johns CreekDunwoody
Thu, Mar 1505:00 PMJV @ ChambleeChamblee High School
Fri, Mar 1605:55 PMJV @ PopePope High School
Mon, Mar 1905:55 PMJV Vs. ChattahoocheeDunwoody
Wed, Mar 2105:00 PMJV @ Druid HillsDruid Hills *MIDDLE* School
Fri, Mar 2305:55 PMJV @ Johns CreekJohns Creek High School
Sat, Mar 2410:00 AMJV Vs. Towers (JV Tournament)Dunwoody
Sat, Mar 2403:00 PMTBA (JV Tournament)Dunwoody
Tue, Apr 1005:55 PMJV Vs. Druid HillsDunwoody
Sat, Apr 14TBAJV Tournament *Chamblee High School
Mon, Apr 1605:55 PMJV @ ChattahoocheeChattahoochee High School
9G Schedule - 2017-2018
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Mon, Feb 1204:00 PM9th @ Holy Innocents' (Postponed due to Weather)Holy Innocents' Episcopal
Thu, Feb 1505:55 PM9th vs Centennial (Postponed due to Field Conditions)Dunwoody
Sat, Feb 1711:00 AM(DH) 9th at DecaturMcCoy Park
Sat, Feb 1701:00 PM(DH) 9th at DecaturMcCoy Park
Wed, Feb 2105:30 PM9th @ Woodward AcademyWoodward Academy
Sat, Feb 2411:00 AM(DH) 9th @ Druid HillsDruid Hills *MIDDLE* School
Sat, Feb 2401:00 PM(DH) 9th @ Druid HillsDruid Hills *MIDDLE* School
Mon, Feb 2605:55 PM9th v CentennialDunwoody
Sat, Mar 0311:00 AM(DH) 9th Vs. Pickens CountyDunwoody
Sat, Mar 0301:30 PM(DH) 9th Vs. Pickens CountyDunwoody
Tue, Mar 0605:55 PM9th Vs. WoodwardDunwoody
Thu, Mar 0805:55 PM9th Vs. Holy Innocents'Dunwoody
Tue, Mar 1305:55 PM9th Grade Vs. GradyDunwoody
Sat, Mar 1711:00 AM(DH) 9th Vs. Flowery BranchDunwoody
Sat, Mar 1701:30 PM(DH) 9th Vs. Flowery BranchDunwoody
Tue, Mar 2005:55 PM9th Vs. PaceDunwoody
Mon, Mar 2605:30 PM9th @ PacePace Academy *Athletic Fields*
Thu, Mar 2905:55 PM9th Vs. LovettDunwoody