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2017 Slideshow!

Doug Allen & Sunset Ride Concert to benefit DHS Baseball!

Dekalb County Honors for 2017

Baseball All County Awards Banquet: Shota Barbeau, Jack Hardin, Ryan Hicks, Greg Martin, Zach Morochnik, Evan Romeo, Kelton Southard

Junior All Star Game: Jack Hardin & Josh Hudgins

Senior All Star Game: Zach Morochnik & Kelton Southard

Congrats Nick Pastrone!

Congrats Nick Pastrone for signing today with Lawrence University in Wisconsin to play both Baseball and Football! (Pictured with Wildcat football teammate and Emory & Henry University football signee, Brashaun Askew)

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These awesome 9th grade baseball Wildcats worked hard giving back to the community last night by helping The Dunwoody Nature center break down and clean up after the very successful Monarchs, Margaritas, and Mojitos fundraiser!

Last Home Game for our 2017 Senior Class

A win over Pope!

(photo credit:  Mara McJilton)

JV Wildcats are Tournament Champs

Varsity Spring Break Tournament

See the Calendar Tab and/or the Schedule Tab for Game Dates/Times.

We love our senior babies!  The class of 2017!

Wildcats honor the 2007 baseball state championship team

By Alexandra Buhl For The Crier

Dunwoody High baseball held a pre-game ceremony Friday to honor the coaches and players who won the state championship in 2007 on their 10th anniversary. As the veterans came onto the field, the current varsity team gave the champions T-shirts with their names and numbers on them. As they took pictures and the former coaches received plaques, brief descriptions were read about each player and their life, now, 10 years later. It was a touching ceremony as the journey of talented individuals who brought such pride to the community were celebrated for their victory and recognized for their post-educational achievements.

Former Coach Tom Bass commented how he was “proud of his team, to be a part of Dunwoody baseball, and of the excellent men his players have become”.

After the ceremony, the Wildcat baseball team kept the spirits high by beating the North Atlanta Warriors 8-5. The team created its greatest lead in the third inning when the Wildcats scored six runs. Although the Warriors had a slight comeback in the fourth inning by scoring four runs, it was not enough to overtake the Wildcats. Standout players on Dunwoody’s side included Greg Martin who drove in three runs and Jack Hardin with two RBIs and one run scored.  Continue Reading at The Dunwoody Crier


Dunwoody Baseball to Hold 10th Anniversary State Championship Celebration Prior to Home Game vs N Atlanta

Please join us to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Dunwoody High School Baseball – 2007 Georgia State Championship on Friday, March 10, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. (2007 alumni: please be at the field by 5-5:15 p.m.). We welcome and encourage other DHS Baseball alumni to come and join us at the field as well as current DHS players, family, friends, and the community to attend. After the ceremony, our 2017 Varsity Baseball team will face off against North Atlanta at 5:55 p.m.

If you would like to order a commemorative 10th anniversary t-shirt, please email Jan Baldwin ( to pre-order, and let her know the number of shirts and sizes (adult). You can pick up pre-ordered t-shirts prior to the ceremony between 3:30-5:00 p.m. (2007 players will receive shirts at the field). The deadline for pre-ordering is Thursday, March 2, at 5:00 p.m. Only a very limited supply will be available at the event. T-shirts are $15.

Click here for memories of 2007!

Former DHS Baseball players have 2017 College Seasons that are off to a great start!

Dunwoody Baseball and a Lost and Found Wedding Ring Story

Dunwoody High School is the host location for a fall baseball league made up of teams from all over Atlanta.  Craig Knight is a volunteer baseball coach for one of Lakeside High School’s fall teams.  During one of the games last fall, he lost his wedding ring.  With the help of a few parents and a metal detector he scoured the entire field and dugouts several different times for several hours during the fall, but never found the ring.

During this past Wednesday’s practice, a DHS Varsity player stumbled upon an irreplaceable item in the batting cage …a wedding ring inscribed with gsk 6/13/87!   When the DHS Secretary sent out the notice of the found ring, the parents who had helped Craig search for his ring couldn’t wait to call Craig to let him know.  Before most of the team had even read the email, Craig was on his way to retrieve the ring!   Craig and his wife Gayle will be forever thankful to Greg Martin for finding the ring!

The 2017 Baseball Wildcat Cards are available!

Contact one of our Varsity seniors to obtain a 2017 Wildcat Discount Card.  (Sample below).   Cards are $20 each, expire 12/31/17, and can be used over and over again!  Cards can also be purchased at Crema Espresso Gourmet!

Eli Allen Ben Altman (sold out)
Troy Anders (sold out) Shota Barbeau
Ryan Hicks Zach Morochnik
Nick Pastrone Evan Romeo
Kelton Southard  


Remember to follow Dunwoody Baseball on twitter @Dwoodbaseball OR you can view tweets on the Dunwoody Baseball homepage These are typically last minute “changes or updates”. Most communication is via email.  How do you get a tweet texted to your phone?? Follow these instructions: Once you set up a twitter account, you now need to go back to your home screen on twitter.  Upper left corner select "following" under your account and this will take you to whomever you are following.  Find dunwoody baseball in your list.  To the left of following you will see a gear for "more user actions".  Select that and then choose turn on mobile notifications. Once you have turned on mobile notifications you will begin to get a text anytime Coach English sends out a tweet for Dunwoody Baseball. 


Schedules for all spring 2017 teams are on the website!

Please consult the "schedules" tab on the website for the Freshman, JV, and Varsity game schedules.  The "schedules" tab will always be updated immediately when games are rescheduled.

Team Communication:

Varsity Schedule - 2016-2017
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Fri, Feb 1005:55 PMScrimmage vs North CobbDunwoody High School
Tue, Feb 1405:55 PMRoswellDunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 1811:00 AMCollins HillBrunswick High School
Sat, Feb 1801:30 PMBrunswickBrunswick High School
Thu, Feb 2306:00 PMNorth PauldingLakepoint Field 14
Fri, Feb 2405:55 PMNorcrossDunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 2503:00 PMNorth CobbSprayberry High School
Sat, Feb 2506:00 PMSprayberrySprayberry High School
Wed, Mar 0105:55 PMMilton (CANCELLED due to weather)Dunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 0305:00 PMDHS Baseball players help with MCLL Opening Ceremonies Murphey Candler Park
Sat, Mar 0401:30 PMGainesvilleNorth Forsyth
Sat, Mar 0404:00 PMNorth ForsythNorth Forsyth
Mon, Mar 0605:55 PMAlpharettaDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 0805:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee High School
Fri, Mar 1005:55 PMNorth Atlanta (10th Anniversary of State Championship Night)Dunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 1505:55 PMNorthviewDunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 1605:55 PMCambridgeCambridge High School
Fri, Mar 1705:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek High School
Mon, Mar 2005:55 PMPopePope High School
Fri, Mar 2405:55 PM(Senior Night) vs Centennial Dunwoody High School
Mon, Mar 2705:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta High School
Wed, Mar 2905:55 PMChattahoocheeDunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 3005:55 PMNorth AtlantaNorth Atlanta High School
Thu, Apr 0601:00 PMWalnut Grove (We are Home Team)Lakepoint Field 13
Fri, Apr 0703:00 PMCartersvilleLakepoint Field 9
Fri, Apr 0706:00 PMChattahoocheeLakepoint Field 9
Sat, Apr 0802:00 PMPepperellLakepoint
Mon, Apr 1005:55 PMCambridgeDunwoody High School
Wed, Apr 1205:55 PMNorthviewNorthview High School
Fri, Apr 1405:55 PMJohns CreekDunwoody High School
Mon, Apr 1705:55 PMPopeDunwoody High School
Fri, Apr 2105:55 PMCentennialCentennial High School
JV Schedule - 2016-2017
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Sat, Feb 1810:00 AMMiltonDunwoody High School
Thu, Feb 2304:30 PMChambleeChamblee High School
Sat, Feb 2502:00 PMLakesideLakeside High School
Tue, Mar 0704:30 PMDruid HillsDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 1005:55 PMNorth AtlantaNorth Atlanta High School
Mon, Mar 1305:55 PM(Postponed) Lakeside (New Date TBD)Dunwoody High School
Thu, Mar 1605:00 PMDruid HillsDruid Hills MIDDLE School
Fri, Mar 1705:55 PMJohns CreekDunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2205:55 PMChamblee (following 9th grade game)Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 2511:55 AMJV vs ChambleeArabia Mountain High School
Sat, Mar 2504:00 PMJV vs Arabia MountainArabia Mountain High School
Tue, Mar 2805:00 PMTuckerTucker High School
Thu, Mar 3005:55 PMTuckerDunwoody High School
Fri, Mar 3105:55 PMPostponed: North AtlantaDunwoody High School
Wed, Apr 1205:55 PMMilton (Cancelled)Milton High School
Thu, Apr 1305:30 PMvs Decatur (JV Tournament Final Four)McKoy Park 1000 Adams St, Deca
Fri, Apr 1405:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek High School
Sat, Apr 1504:00 PMDunwoody vs Stephenson (JV Tournament Championship)Stephenson High School
9G Schedule - 2016-2017
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 1505:55 PMMiltonMilton High School
Sat, Feb 1812:00 AMDruid Hills Double Header Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 1802:30 PMDruid Hills Double Header Game 2Dunwoody High School
Sat, Feb 2510:00 AMLakeside Double Header Game 1Lakeside High School
Sat, Feb 2512:00 PMLakeside Double Header Game 2Lakeside High School
Sat, Mar 0411:55 AMDruid Hills Double Header Game 1Druid Hills MIDDLE School
Sat, Mar 0402:00 PMDruid Hills Double Header Game 2Druid Hills MIDDLE School
Sat, Mar 1111:00 AMDrew Double Header Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 1101:30 PMDrew Double Header Game 2Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 1811:00 AMPostponed - Makeup TBD Milton Doubleheader Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 1801:00 PMPostponed - Makeup TBD Milton Doubleheader Game 2Dunwoody High School
Mon, Mar 2005:55 PMCambridge Dunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2204:30 PMWhitefield AcademyDunwoody
Sat, Mar 2511:00 AMStephenson Doubleheader Game 1Dunwoody High School
Sat, Mar 2501:00 PMStephenson Doubleheader Game 2Dunwoody High School
Wed, Mar 2905:00 PMWhitefield Academy Whitefield Academy